High Traffic Employee Network Analysis using Navigation

Imagine an employee network the way that you might connections between highly trafficked websites? Of course, we all don't work for a "highly trafficked" companies, but many employees feel drawn towards "highly trafficked" companies. It is interesting to imagine whether this attraction is justified. Likewise, many employees imagine the freedom that becoming an independent contract might bring, but they may neglect imagine thinking of the higher taxes and the shorter contracts that might come along with it....

Easy Twitter & Rotten Tomatoes integration via REST API's & Qualifiers

Have you seen a list of the top 100 movies or the top 25 best actors or actresses? Do you ever wonder how those are selected? I have long felt that these lists are not very democratic and can quickly go out of relevancy. In contrast, I can find out ratings on Rotten Tomatoes on movies before they even come out in the theater and the ratings are, in my experience, pretty spot on. Also, more and more, people are taking to social media like Twitter to see what their friends might say about a new movie in order to judge. How can your friend's be wrong? After all, they know that they can be blamed if you don't like it.

InfiniteGraph: getNeighbors or getEdges?

When writing an application using IG you will likely run into a situation where you want to see who or what is connected to a particular vertex. For example, you could have a social network and want to see who a person's friends are.

When looking at the Vertex API you will see a few options:

 List<EdgeHandle>   findEdgesToNeighbor(long neighborId)
          Retrieves a list of all edges that connect this vertex to a vertex with the given id.

 Iterable<EdgeHandle>   getEdges()

InfiniteGraph: Everything Goes Better With Bacon

Whenever someone considers a large movie database like Internet Movie Database, or IMDB, inevitably the classic six degrees of Kevin Bacon problem comes up. It is a famous problem posed like this, “…any individual involved in the Hollywood, California film industry can be linked through his or her film roles to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps” In the example, I will show how to both find the links between various actors and Kevin Bacon, but also how to output the navigation results in various formats including JSON and GraphML.