Administration Tools - oodeleteset

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Deletes a backup set and all information in the backup diary about the backups associated with that set.
-set setName
[-procfiles programName]
-set setName
Name of the backup set to be deleted. Deleting a backup set deletes all of the backup events in it.
-procfiles programName
Executes the shell script or program programName before deleting the backup volume. programName can contain a full or relative path.
During the execution of oodeleteset, the name of the file about to be deleted is passed to the script as a command-line argument. If the script exits with a nonzero status, oodeleteset reports an error, but continues processing.
Nonconcurrent mode. Use this option if no lock server is running or to bypass a running lock server.
Warning: Corruption can occur if concurrent access to the federated database is attempted while any process is using this mode.
Suppresses the copyright notice and program title banner. Useful when invoking the tool from another tool or product.
Suppresses all normal program output.
Prints the tool syntax and definition to the screen.
Path to the boot file of the federated database. You can omit this argument if you set the OO_FD_BOOT environment variable to the correct path. (HA) You can specify the boot file of any autonomous partition.
To delete a basic backup (a backup taken with options such as -full, -incremental, -subincremental, or -destination), you must first use the ooqueryset tool to find the name of the backup set that was implicitly created for the backup you want to delete. You then use the -set option to specify this backup set name to oodeleteset.
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