Administration Tools - oolicense

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Displays a license in either the specified federated database or in the specified directory, and optionally, updates the license of a federated database.
[(-licensefile fileName | -fromdefault)[-todefault]]
-licensefile fileName
File containing the new license. You may optionally include a path to the directory containing the file; if you specify a filename without a path, the file must reside in the current directory.
Obtains the new license from the default license file oolicense.txt. The tool first looks for the default file in the bootFilePath directory. If the default file is not found there, oolicense looks in the following location:
(Windows) Objectivity/DB installation directory installDir
(UNIX) Your home directory; otherwise, the Objectivity/DB installation directory installDir
oolicense reports an error and terminates if no license file is found.
Prints the contents of the license file located in the directory specified by the -licensefile or -fromdefault options.
If you specify the -todefault option, you must also specify either the -licensefile or -fromdefault option.
Note: When you use the -todefault option, the command ignores bootFilePath or the OO_FD_BOOT environment variable, depending on which is specified.
Nonconcurrent mode. Use this option if no lock server is running or to bypass a running lock server.
Warning: Corruption can occur if concurrent access to the federated database is attempted while any process is using this mode.
Suppresses the copyright notice and program title banner. Useful when invoking the tool from another tool or product.
Suppresses all normal program output.
Prints the tool syntax and definition to the screen.
Path to a boot file of the federated database to be licensed. You can omit this argument if you set the OO_FD_BOOT environment variable to the correct path. (HA) You can specify the boot file of any autonomous partition.
Note: If you use the -todefault option, bootFilePath and the OO_FD_BOOT environment variable are ignored; consequently, no federated database is opened.
To display a readable (unencrypted) version of the federated database’s current license to stdout, enter oolicense with just bootFilePath.
To update the license in a federated database, use either the -licensefile or -fromdefault option to specify the new license. The new license completely replaces the federated database’s previous license. oolicense reports the identifiers of both the new and the replaced licenses.
Every federated database must have a license before you can access it with a tool or application. You can use the oolicense tool to:
Update a licensed federated database with a renewed or changed license.
Upgrade an unlicensed federated database that was created before Objectivity/DB required licenses.
To display the contents of a license file in a directory, enter oolicense with the -todefault option, along with either the -licensefile or the -fromdefault option.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012