Administration Tools - oosupportinfo

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Generates a report containing information needed by Objectivity Customer Support when diagnosing a problem with the specified federated database.
[-detail [-db dbSysName | -id dbId | -all]]
[-outfile filename
[-exists ask | delete | quit]]
Includes information extracted from the federated database’s system database. You can omit this option to report only the federated database’s usage environment.
(HA) If the federated database has multiple autonomous partitions, information about each partition is included.
-db dbSysName
System name of the database to be included in the information given by -detail. If you use the -db option, you cannot use the -id or -all option.
-id dbId
Integer identifier (for example, 78) of the database to be included in the information given by -detail. The -id option also accepts the identifier specified in D-C-P-S format (for example, 78-0-0-0). If you use this option, you cannot use the -db or -all option.
Includes information about all databases in the information given by -detail. If you use the -all option, you cannot use the -db or -id option.
-outfile filename
Name of the file in which to write the generated report. You can omit this option to send all output to stdout.
-exists ask | delete | quit
Action to take if the file specified with the -outfile option already exists.
ask Prompts whether to overwrite the existing file. If the answer is No, the program terminates. No is the default.
delete Deletes any existing file.
quit Terminates the program if the file currently exists.
The default value is ask.
Prints the tool syntax and definition to the screen.
Path to the boot file of the federated database to be reported. You can omit this argument if you set the OO_FD_BOOT environment variable to the correct path. (HA) You can specify the boot file of any autonomous partition.
When you report a problem to Objectivity Customer Support, you should include the output of this command for the federated database that has the problem.
By default, oosupportinfo reports only on the operating environment in which the federated database is used—for example, the operating system, processor type, environment-variable values, and so on. You can specify -detail to include information specific to the federated database, such as its properties, whether the schema has been evolved, and so on. In addition to -detail, you can specify -db, -id, or -all to include information about one or all databases.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012