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Manually Installing a License File

Installing a license file makes your license available for initializing new Objectivity/DB federated databases or upgrading existing ones. Every federated database must contain an Objectivity license that authorizes it. For more information about federated-database licensing, see "Federated Database Tasks" in Objectivity/DB Administration.

You typically receive an encrypted version of your Objectivity license when you acquire new Objectivity products or upgrade to new major releases.

To install a license file:

  1. Check whether an old file called oolicense.txt already exists in your Objectivity/DB installation directory installDir. If so, move or rename that file.
  2. Save your new Objectivity license as oolicense.txt in installDir.
  3. Make a backup copy of the new license file in another directory for safekeeping. A useful convention is to include the license’s identifier (included in the e-mail) in the filename.

If you are authorized to use multiple Objectivity products, all authorization is combined in a single license.

Handling Release Compatibility

If you plan to use the current release of Objectivity/DB with data, tools, or applications from an earlier release, you may need to perform an upgrade or be aware of limitations. Refer to the "Release Compatibility" chapter of the Objectivity Release Notes, which describes any necessary:

  • Upgrades to existing federated databases.
  • Upgrades to existing applications and scripts.
  • Conditions for interoperating with unrebuilt tools or applications from an earlier release.
Tuesday, January 29, 2013