UNIX: Objectivity/DB In-Process Lock Server Configuration

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If necessary, set up a log directory in which the in-process lock server (IPLS) can create log files. Follow the steps in Setting Up a Log Directory for the Lock Server.

After IPLS is installed, you can start an in-process lock server from within a C++ or Java database application. You accomplish this by adding an appropriate function call to the application, as described in the chapter about IPLS in Objectivity/C++ Programmer’s Guide and Objectivity for Java Programmer’s Guide.

An application that starts an in-process lock server must be linked with the shared Objectivity/DB library, not the static library (see Linking Applications to Objectivity/DB). No extra steps are required to compile and link an IPLS application. The IPLS shared library is loaded automatically at runtime when the application starts the in-process lock server.

When an in-process lock server is started, the application that starts it becomes the lock server for the workstation on which it is running, and you must stop any other lock-server process that is running on the same workstation. For information about managing in-process and standard lock servers, see "Using a Lock Server" in Objectivity/DB Administration.

Monday, August 20, 2012