UNIX: Objectivity for Java Configuration

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To configure Objectivity for Java, refer to the following:

Updating Your CLASSPATH

Each application developer should set the CLASSPATH environment variable to include oojava.jar:

setenv CLASSPATH installDir/java/lib/oojava.jar:existingValues

Where existingValues represents existing class path components.

For some application-development environments, you must specify CLASSPATH from within the tool.

Note: As a convenience, the installer creates a setup script (installDir/setup.sh) that contains commands for temporarily setting needed environment variables in a shell.

Testing Objectivity for Java Setup

You can test whether Objectivity for Java is set up correctly by building and running the HelloWorld sample application provided with the installation. Refer to the readme file in:


Developing Objectivity for Java Applications

For platform-specific details related to application development, refer to Java Application Development.

If you want to learn how to use various Objectivity for Java features, consider downloading and running some of the sample Java applications.

Monday, August 20, 2012