Windows: Objectivity/DB In-Process Lock Server Configuration

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After the in-process sock server (IPLS) is installed, you can start an in-process lock server from within a C++ or Java database application. You accomplish this by adding an appropriate function call to the application, as described in the chapter about IPLS in Objectivity/C++ Programmer’s Guide, or Objectivity for Java Programmer’s Guide.

No extra steps are required to compile and link an IPLS application. The appropriate IPLS DLL is loaded automatically at runtime when the application starts the in-process lock server. The IPLS DLLs are listed in Table 13 of Windows C++ Application Development.

When an in-process lock server is started, the application that starts it becomes the lock server for the workstation on which it is running, and you must stop any other lock-server process that is running on the same workstation. For information about managing in-process and standard lock servers, see "Using a Lock Server" in Objectivity/DB Administration.

Monday, August 20, 2012