Objectivity/DB 11.2 Closed & Fixed Issues

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Objy Key Summary Component/s Release Notes
20430Display error when having both placement-managed FD and regular FDAssist Plug-in"When working with multiple FD's in Assist, using the ""Back"" button may cause the views to show inconsistent information."
18835Doc updates needed for MFGInstall - Windows"Accessing the Objectivity Administration documentation with Chrome(V 17.0.963.56 m): 1. Via Start -> Programs -> Objectivity 10.x -> Documentation -> Objectivity Administration 2. Directly via installdir/Objectivity 10.x/doc/objyHelp/index.html Will not bring up any content. Works with Firefox and IE"
20158ooas::Namespace::resolve doesn't workC++ - Active SchemaLookup by name within a namespace is not working as expected.
18764"Assist fails with ""ooas:Cannot access the attribute a position 0 of class"" error while renaming a class"C++ - Active Schema"An attempt to rename a class in a named schema, using Assist can fail with the following error: An error occured while committing schema changes Reason: ooas:Cannot access the attribute at position 0 of class ; its highest position is 4294967295"
20450Databases using pre-R9 catalogs added to an FD will not always be marked as old catalog databases in the FDs catalog of databasesC++ - APIDatabases using pre-R9 catalogs added to an FD will not always be marked as old catalog databases in the FDs catalog of databases
20414Cannot connect to multiple federated databases with independent threads/sessionsC++ - API"Opening two different federations at the same time in different threads may fail with error ""A handle that references region ... is being used in a session accessing a different region ..."". This can be avoided by opening one of the federations in the main thread before creating additional threads. "
17934ooDBObj.change() does not appear to acquire the appropriate locksC++ - APIooDBObj::change allowed moving a database without getting an exclusive lock first.
16043ooRef(ooContObj) is missing functionality that is present in ooHandle(ooContObj)C++ - API"ooHandle(ooContObj) contains container file related functions (change(), fileName(), hostName(), pathName(), pageSize()) which is missing in ooRef(ooContObj) and ooShortRef(ooContObj)"
20590"Under managed placement, making a transient object a named root fails to persist the object""Java, Placement Manager""Exception thrown if the federation is placement managed Review status: Approved"
20588"Under managed placement, scope-naming a transient object doesn't make it persistent in all cases""Java, Placement Manager""For Fds with managed placement, naming a transient object in the scope of the FD doesn't make it persistent."
20482Collections and ooMap returning a different Java reference to the same objectJavaooMap was returning a different Java reference to the same object that was being retained by a hard reference in one of the classes.
18396Exception occurs when call to hasContainer() references container created in previous transactionJava"The following exception happens when calling hasContainer with the contID of a container created in the previous transaction: ERROR:com.objy.db.ObjyRuntimeException: ooHandle(ooDBObj)::hasContainer(): attempt to read DB 3 from closed file (100006) Omitting the transaction boundary fixes the problem."
19906"Tool runner not working properly, possibly due to NFS access problem"Kernel - Network Manager(nm)"On non-privileged ports, the Tool runner has been observed to fail. The NFS needs to be set up to accept client requests originating from non-privileged ports. To do so, configure nfsd to run with the -N flag."
19954"Provide global option to disable the loading of schema, when opening a new federation""Kernel - Object Manager(om), Kernel - Schema Manager(tm)""Added API to disable loading schema, upon creating a connection to a new federation within the same process."
18192Scan throws lock not granted request during container creation in same databaseKernel - Object Manager(om)Scan throws lock not granted exception while scanning a database with containers being created in another thread.
20658"objects with attributes named ""key"" aren't searchable with PQL"Kernel - Query Manager - EOQ"If an object with an attribute named ""key"" is queried, a PQL Exception is raised."
20462The mean operator sample code does not return expected resultsKernel - Query Manager - EOQThe mean operator does not return expected results
20442Double deletion of an ordered listKernel - Query Manager - EOQUsing OrderedListLiteralValueExpression in Java can cause a crash during garbage collection.
15324Unable to use equality operator in predicate on double or float vlauesKernel - Query Manager - EOQ"Even though there is no complete solution to solve this problem, some workaround is provided to enhance the query probability for the floating-point numbers. The workaround is to use the ABS operator, which is provided in 11.2. For example, instead of query ""myFloatNumber == 78.01"", do query for ""ABS(myFloatNumber - 78.01) < 0.001"". The precision literal can be adjusted to enhance the accuracy of the results. In a future release, we are planning to provide the decimal precision based floating-point type, which will provide an accurate representation both for storage and query."
20421File locking can lead to failed aborts and irrecoverable/growing journal files"Kernel - Recovery, oocleanup""File locks, such as those placed by antiviruses during scans, can cause the abort process for a failed transaction to itself fail and cause the journal file to keep growing."
20159recovery can take a long time if there are multiple jnl filesKernel - RecoveryThe recovery process attempts to connect to the AMS server to close its connections to a specified client. If there are many jnl files this causes it to try to connect to the AMS server many times causing a large delay in the recovery.
20598Regression:Evolving a class such that no new shape is created may cause future schema upgrades to failKernel - Schema Manager(evolution)Adding an association to a class may cause schema upgrades that skip steps to fail.
20498"Regression: Evolving a pre 9.3 schema fails with ""Changes to class d_Date affect d_Timestamp""""Kernel - Schema Manager(evolution), ooddl""Evolving a pre 9.3 schema fails with ""Changes to class d_Date affect d_Timestamp"""
19658Regression: ooddl internal error while processing namespace qualified class name"Kernel - Schema Manager(evolution), ooddl""ooddl processor throws an internal error while processing namespace qualified class name with Release 9.x schema. The problem first appears in Release 10.0. The more recent DDL compilers are able to complete without errors when applied to a new federation, but they are not compatible with the Release 9 schema. "
20217segv loading schema in solaris86_64 format on linux86_64"Kernel - Schema Manager(conversion), Kernel - Schema Manager(tm)"Previous to this fix the linux86_64 and mac86_64 platforms could not work with data in sparc64 and solaris86_64 formats - and vice versa.
16464Request for method to check existence of session poolKernel - Session Manager(se)Added a new function to bool haveSessionPool(const char* sessionPoolName) for checking existing session pool by name.
19390"Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'lockWaitText' is corrupted, when lock wait = -1, no wait"Kernel - Snapshot"Lock wait time of -1, no wait, causes Snapshot API to overwrite char buffer."
20819ooattachdb waits forever for lock #1-5ooattachdb"ooattachdb waits for the federation's catalog lock, #1-5-0-0, for an infinite amount of time."
20496oocheck (sometimes) relies on an entry in the system database to differentiate between an old catalog format and a new catalog format database"oocheck, oofix""Since oocheck relies on an entry in the system database to differentiate between an old catalog format and a new catalog format database, it could interpret the database file incorrectly."
19659OBJY-19414 oofix to be able to reset the container flags wrongly set by ootidy in objy-19414"oocheck, oofix""In OBJY-19414 for R11.0, we fixed the issue where running ""ootidy"" on a database with DB-level index, reset the index container flag causing it be included in database scans. This resulted in unexpected lock conflicts on the index container. This enhancement to oofix will enable it to reset the container flags wrongly set by ootidy."
16778Adding header and error count to output file when using -outfile optionoocheckoocheck and oofile output file needs more details.
16518oocheck and oofix report incorrect byte error warning"oocheck, oofix""Large object free bytes value can be incorrect and oocheck may throw this misleading warning: WARNING: Large page 10-4-240-0 free bytes error; (total pages 2 * page size 8192) - (offset object 1024 + object size 14624) = 736; does not equal free bytes 33504 found in this page."
16112oocheck/oofix with -id option tries to open non existing search agent db file"oocheck, oofix"Running oocheck/oofix using the -id option to specifiy an External Search Agent database entry reports an unclear error message.
17914"inaccurate message from oocleanup ""Removing committed journal""""Kernel - Storage Manager(sm), oocleanup""oocleanup may misleadingly say ""Removing committed journal file"" for a transaction which was not committed, but for which no rollback action is necessary. "
20609oofile lists range of compatible Objectivity versions incorrectlyoofileFor Placement Managed FDs oofile lists the range of compatible Objectivity versions incorrectly.
19327oofile fails to read large database filesoofile"The tool oofile may fail to read large database files and may exit with the following error: Error #13001: oofile: The file ""test.DB"" appears to be empty. Processing terminated. "
20852oofix reports internal unpin error while fixing db corruptionoofix"oofix in some cases reports Error #4600: Storage Manager: Internal unpin error pNum = 0, lPage = 0, pin count = 0 (0) while attampting to fix a DB inconsistency."
18452Regression: oofix crashes on Windows and segfaults on linuxoofix"oofix is observed to crash while checking certain object references. The tool prints out the following message and crashes: Applying 'Remove reference to bogus varray.' to fix this problem."
20448Schema upgrade fails with error 15436ooschemaupgrade"ooschemaupgrade fails in certain scenarios involving deleted classes, with the following error: Error #15436: ooschemaupgrade: Internal Error: Could not add the base class "
20013Need method to get the FD number from the ooEncryptionProviderPlugin - EncryptionAdd method to get FD number from within ooEncryptionProvider.
20353Include the source object as part of a path object (as a convenience for result handlers)Relationship AnalyticsA startingObject field is being added to class objy::ra::Path.
16862JVM crashs during scan fd in application connects to two partitionsReplication_FTO_DRO"A crash may occur if, within the same session, a database is replicated and then the original image is set offline."
20259"lockserver appears to hang if ""localhost"" is not defined in the nameservice"Servers - Lockserver"The lockserver apperas to hang if ""localhost"" is not defined in the nameservice. That happens if somebody edits the /etc/hosts file and removes the entry for localhost."
20558Query Server crash loading schema for second federationServers - Query Server/PQEA multi-threaded program which accesses more than one federation may crash while loading schema for the second federation if two threads try to open it for the first time at the same time. This is particularly likely to happen in the Query Server.
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