Objectivity/DB 11.2.4 Closed & Fixed Issues

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Objy Key Summary Component/s Release Notes
OBJY-21980 C# has occasional difficulties with the termination of various string types C# - API There seems to be an issue with how Objectivity .Net/C# is storing or interpreting the ending of various string types.
OBJY-20753 Log file remains locked even after disabling logging C++ - API Since Objectivity/DB 11.0 now allows multiple calls to ooObjy::startup, it is possible to change the logging settings without restarting the application.
If an application starts with logging enabled, calls shutdown, disables all logging and then calls startup again (at least) the main log file remains locked unnecessarily.
OBJY-21320 Failure to acquire a lock for container creation does not throw an exception C++ - API When a transaction fails to create or delete a container because it cannot acquire a lock due to backup inventorying running, it will not throw an exception and instead set the container handle to null. This behavior is documented but differs from typical lock failures, who throw exceptions instead.
OBJY-21810 The setReadOnly function of a database handle does not signal all errors C++ - API Some codepaths can return oocError without signaling an error:
          if (!ooDatabaseH.open(oocUpdate))
            return oocError; 
          return dbNameTable.close()?oocSuccess:oocError;
OBJY-21453 Calling startup and shutdown immediately after hangs execution of objy::tool::Tool::execute C++ - API,Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-20138 VArray setAt(index) will crash if the index is out of range Java  
OBJY-20911 VArray code is allocating an object twice Java  
OBJY-21348 Exception when adding large amount of large object to db Java  
OBJY-21353 JVM crashes when the checkQueryServer API is used with null Java IllegalArgumentException thrown if hostname argument is null.
OBJY-21536 Query out of session scope may lead to NullPointerException Java  
OBJY-21634 Crash when setting a variable that doesn't exist Java  
OBJY-21644 Memory leak using navigators Java  
OBJY-21645 ExpressionSetupExceptions not being caught Java  
OBJY-21874 Remove EJB and JCA from the product Java EJB and JCA are no longer supported.
OBJY-21879 Memory leak on multiple calls to startup/shutdown and begin/commit Kernel  A memory leak on multiple calls to startup/shutdown has been observed while testing. We recommend users to run tools in one startup/shutdown block.
OBJY-12096 string_holder objects not deleted when index is removed Kernel - Index Manager String_holder objects are not deleted and left behind in the DB, when indexes are deleted.
OBJY-20682 Windows pathnames using 8-bit characters which are neither ASCII nor UTF-8 not accepted in bootfile names or FD filenames Kernel - Network Manager(nm),ooinstallfd, oonewfd Windows pathnames using 8-bit characters which are neither ASCII nor UTF-8 not accepted in bootfile names or FD filenames resulting in errors like these:
Error #4301: Storage Manager: Cannot create or open file
<filepath>\óÉ (the system cannot find the path specified) 
** System Error #7535: Backup/Restore: Cannot create the volume file
OBJY-21235 Rework variables to use the new evaluation context. Kernel - Query Manager - EOQ We have removed the following from the objy::query::ExpressionTreeUser class (which objy::query::ObjectQualifier inherits):

* setClassVarValueByName
* setClassVarValueByType

The issue is that class as a variable was not added due to any specific use case, its implementation was broken if a couple of ways and is unsupportable with the separation of variables from the expression tree.
OBJY-21622 various variable predicates crash and float is not compatible with value type float64 Kernel - Query Manager - EOQ Variable strings no longer supported for use as regular expression patterns.
OBJY-21670 ObjectQualifier used with variable predicate appears to be stale after the first use Kernel - Query Manager - EOQ  
OBJY-21822 A failure while commiting a transaction that has modified a container with a large page map may result in the loss of data Kernel - Recovery,Kernel - Storage Manager(sm) If a program were to crash or be killed at a particular point during committing changes to a container whose page map is a large object, recovery of the transaction was losing the page map, leaving the container unusable.
OBJY-21862 Failure to modify a system container with a large page map and extra empty map pages may lead to a corrupted system container Kernel - Recovery,Kernel - Storage Manager(sm) If a federation has a very large number of databases, interruption of an update to the catalog of databases might in some cases leave a journal file which causes oocleanup to fail.
OBJY-18808 Option to disable auto-recovery in ooattachdb and oolicense Kernel - Recovery,Unified Tools Framework Add -noautorecover option to the tools ooattachdb & oolicense.
OBJY-21474 segmentation violation when disk full while writing large object Kernel - Storage Manager(sm) There is a possibility for an application program to crash if an I/O error (such as disk full) occurs while writing a large object.
OBJY-21507 Creating a new page for a database's catalog of containers can, in some very rare edge cases, cause page map corruption Kernel - Storage Manager(sm) Creating a new page for a database's catalog of containers can, in some very rare edge cases, cause page map corruption.
OBJY-21551 The resize function of a VArray may leave unaccounted pages Kernel - Storage Manager(sm) The resize function of a VArray may leave unaccounted pages when the size of a large VArray is reduced such that it uses fewer pages than before. These pages may be reclaimed by ootidy.
OBJY-21703 Crash on handle's move function if an associated object's container is not lockable for update Kernel - Storage Manager(sm) It is possible to move an object by calling the object handle's move function. This move function is automatically supposed to take care of bidirectional associations. If the object being moved has an association to an object in a different container and that container is locked, the move function will ungraciously crash.
OBJY-20872 Add scope level container pool. Placement Manager Add -scope option that adds containers at scope level rather than group level, which makes them available to any group in the scope, even ones that have not been created yet.
OBJY-21315 segmentation fault when using setPath api Relationship Analytics The `path' method of class `objy::ra::ItrRelated<T>' crashes if invoked on a newly created iterator before calling the `navigate' method.
OBJY-21797 Regression - RA no longer functions Relationship Analytics On SPARC processors, graph navigation terminates immediately without finding anything if the depth is unlimited. This can be worked around by specifying a depth limit less than 0x7fffffff. 
OBJY-21479 Starting with Objectivity/DB 11.0, the 32 bit AMS server no longer works on Vista(and WinServer 2008 R1) Servers - AMS(ooams) Starting with Objectivity/DB 11.0, the AMS server crashes on Vista/Server2008 32bit.
OBJY-21890 oostartams -numthreads values are out-of-date for Windows Servers - AMS(ooams)  
OBJY-21891 AMS should default number of threads based on number of processors Servers - AMS(ooams) The default number of threads for each server should be calculated based on the number of processors.
  ooqueryserver -check reports invalid argument when server is not running Servers - General  
OBJY-19646 Query Server reports "Internal error: throwing exception with no error message" Servers - General After an initial failed attempt to load an agent plugin the query server must be restarted before another attempt is made. The bug was that after the failure and prior to the restart all subsequent attempts to run the agent will result in an exception with no error message.
OBJY-21759 ConvertFormat (and ooconvertformat?) tools need option for listing architectures Tools Run ooconvertformat -help for a list of available architectures.
OBJY-21789 Add the noautorecover option to ooexportcatalog, ooexportschema, ooexportdata, ooexportfd, and oonewdb Tools Added -noautorecover option to the tools to allow users to turn off autorecovery.
OBJY-21048 The oobackup tool may overflow the volume number field for large federated databases, resulting in an error Tools - oobackup - oorestore The oobackup tool may overflow the volume number field for large federated databases, resulting in an error.
OBJY-21656 Add the ability to detect and fix the corruption left behind by OBJY-19292 Tools - oocheck, oofix Upgrading from old catalogs to new catalogs using ooupgrade may leave scope names in an unsafe state. This has been fixed since R11.0. oofix needs the ability to detect and fix this issue in Databases that are already in this state.
OBJY-21687 Relationship checks should check that they can acquire a lock on a container before trying to open the unlocked object Tools - oocheck, oofix  
OBJY-21947 oocheck identifies a redirected large child as an invalid object, oofix attempts to delete it Tools - oocheck, oofix  
OBJY-21647 ooddlx gives no error message despite improper ddl file Tools - ooddlx Processing a wrong DDL file (it has a v-array whose element type is a persistent class, which is not allowed) does not result in any errors. This gives the user the wrong impression that the class has been successfully processed when it is not.
OBJY-21735 Update ooddlx for Visual Studio 2012 Tools - ooddlx  
OBJY-21850 DDL compiler does not support newer Sun headers Tools - ooddlx The DDL compiler was reporting a syntax error on use of the linker specifier "__hidden" in the latest version of the Sun Studio header files.
OBJY-16839 oofix may crash on Windows and segfault on linux when trying to open an invalid object that is part of a relationship Tools - oofix oofix may crash on Windows and segfault on linux when trying to open an invalid objects that is part of a relationship.
OBJY-21406 oofix asks the same question twice when it fails to verify an object's size/type Tools - oofix  
OBJY-21407 Allow deletion of bad objects even if running oofix from a platform different than the bad object page's platform Tools - oofix  
OBJY-21430 oofix crashes while attempting to remove reference to object's "varray" if the "varray's" oid is actually an ooKeyDesc object Tools - oofix oofix crashes while attempting to remove reference to an object's "varray" if the "varray's" OID is actually an ooKeyDesc object.
OBJY-21529 Regression: oofix attempts to fix a non-existent container as if it were an error Tools - oofix When running oocheck/oofix and specifying an id such that the scope is lower than the database scope, oocheck reports an error if the container is non-existent but oofix attempts to fix it. This is not an inconsistency in the database, merely a misdiagnosis. The fix is harmless.
OBJY-21739 Add the ability to fix scope name issues in old catalog FDBs Tools - oofix Certain scope name inconsistencies in Pre-9.0 catalog DBs can prevent ooupgrade from upgrading these DBs. oofix will fix the scope name inconsistencies in Pre-9.0 catalog DBs allowing ooupgrade to upgrade the catalog to the latest format.
OBJY-21743 Display additional prompt message indication when input number is not a valid action Tools - oofix  
OBJY-21784 oofix segfaults on solaris7 when attempting to fix an FD with invalid relationships created on win32 Tools - oofix  
OBJY-21785 solaris7 oofix segfaults when attempting to print NULL in TypeNumFixOnMachine::searchAndFixError Tools - oofix  
OBJY-21910 oospace reports page density that exceeds 100 percent Tools - oospace  
OBJY-15062 the -id or -db option does not work if one of the other dbs is not physically there Tools - ooupgrade the -id or -db option does not work for ooupgrade if one of the other dbs is not physically there
OBJY-19272 ooupgrade checks for existence of unrelated DBs in the catalog when systemdb or db option is used Tools - ooupgrade ooupgrade attempts to open a DB that is not the system DB or the one being specified for upgrade. The current work-around is deleting all missing DBs from the catalog first, and then proceeding with ooupgrade. WIth this fix ooupgrade will no longer look for unspecified DBs.
OBJY-21303 ooupgrade fails to update the FD's catalog of databases Tools - ooupgrade When new catalog FD, that has some old catalog DBs, is upgraded, the ooupgrade tool fails to update the FD's Catalog of DBs. The oocheck output after the upgrade will look something like this: ERROR: FD's catalog lists DB with dbid '#2-0-0-0' in partition '1' as an
old catalog format database but the DB itself claims to use the new (R9)
catalog format.
OBJY-21539 ooupgrade can set curPage to a page that is invalid for creating user objects Tools - ooupgrade ooupgrade may leave a container with an invalid current page, possible causing problem when trying to create an object in that container (depending on the clustering and release of Objectivity/DB used).
OBJY-21671 ooupgrade corrupts scope names for an object in a new catalog database named in an old catalog database's container Tools - ooupgrade ooupgrade can corrupt scope names for an object in a new catalog database if it is named in an old catalog database's container. oocheck reveals the problem with the following error: ERROR: FD's catalog lists DB with dbid '#2-0-0-0' in partition '1' as an
  old catalog format database but the DB itself claims to use the new (R9)
  catalog format.
  WARNING: Assuming DB #2-0-0-0 in partition 1 is format it claims to be.
          ERROR: Scope name is missing for object: 3-3-1-2 in scope #2-3-3-1.
          ERROR: Scope name is missing for object: 3-3-1-3 in scope #2-4-3-1. 
OBJY-21696 Create explain tool. Tools - Placement  The explain tool outputs a description of the query plan that would be used for querying a given class and an optional predicate considering the current placement model and indexes. To invoke the explain tool, call: objy explain
OBJY-21709 Add delete key specification and delete index specification tools. Tools - Placement  Add tools to remove previously added key and index specifications.
OBJY-21876 Reenable page increment as a growth option for containers. Tools - Placement  Specifying container growth as a increment of a number of pages is now available as an alternative to specifying it as a percentage of current size.
OBJY-21884 Occasional crash with explain or query-to-dot tools. Tools - Placement   
OBJY-21398 Support the -nocatalog option for ooinstallfd and InstallFD Tools- ooinstallfd,Unified Tools Framework -nocatalog option for ooinstallfd is now a supported flag.
OBJY-20095 The tool runner loads all plugins all the time Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21071 SchemaUpgrade: Overloading schema gives error in programmatic API Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21278 Add overload to execute that takes a tool output listener. Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21332 objy dumpcatalog should not use the framework status message Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21333 objy dumpcatalogand oodumpcatalog exists option should be dependent on outfile option Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21335 CleanupFd: Different behavior on Linux and Windows Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21349 Execute: the tool does not move to next command after failure Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21449 ToolParameters class should have copy constructor defined Unified Tools Framework The ToolParameters class does not have a copy constructor, resulting in the default copy constructor being utilized. This default constructor will perform shallow copying and can cause a crash.
OBJY-21457 The tidy flag in objy AttachDB may produce unexpected errors in certain situations Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21470 Unified tools framework issue on Windows interpreting command line unicode Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21471 The mapFile option of the objy AttachDB tool is not Unicode friendly Unified Tools Framework AttachDB on windows wasn't properly processing map files containing Unicode characters in their paths. This function works on Linux.
OBJY-21473 Add oodeletedb functionality to the unified tools framework Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21488 AttachDB does not support map files with BOM signatures Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21489 AttachDB does not support DBMap files TAB separated fields Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21491 AttachDB Assertion Failure when attaching a MapFile Unified Tools Framework An assertion failure is seen while attaching DBs using a map file:

>objy attachdb -mapfile newmap.txt -bootfile newbootfile
Objectivity/DB (TM) Attach Database Utility, Version: 11.2.0_m1
Copyright (c) Objectivity, Inc 2012, 2013. All rights reserved.

Error from oomGetOldDBIDs
Error from odcGetOldDBIDs
Error executing tool (AttachDb):

        Error #4875: Storage Manager: Internal assertion failure: ..\sm\osmFile
        .cxx:1267: fName && fName[0] (0)
OBJY-21502 objy exportfd should generate XML files encoded using UTF-8 where appropriate Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21607 objy Tidy will crash with a memory exception if the temporary .dd is locked Unified Tools Framework objy Tidy will crash with a memory exception if the temporary .dd file is locked by an external process (such as an antivirus).
OBJY-21615 outfile option of objy exportfd does not properly create XML files when it contains ".." operator in path Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-21616 objy exportschema and exportdata overwrites conflicting files as the default behavior when the .xml file extension is not used Unified Tools Framework  
OBJY-19882 ooexportfd/ooimport does not account for non-standard DB file names xml tools ooimport creates DB file names based on our standard and does not take into account customer defined DB file names. ooexportfd/ooimport should keep track of file names and recreate them correctly.
OBJY-21431 ImportSchema tool sets default index mode to explicit, which remains for the calling program when run in-process. xml tools  


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