Objectivity/DB 11.2.5 Closed & Fixed Issues

Objy Key Summary Component/s
OBJY-22085 Regression: Buffer pages are not being reused C# - API, Kernel - ObjectModel
OBJY-22093 Regression: Memory leak when performing scans C++ - Performance
OBJY-22084 32 bit Objectivity installer is placing registry values in wrong location when installing on 64 bit Windows Install - Windows
OBJY-22066 oocheck is overzealous in its reporting of expected varrays sizes oocheck, oofix
OBJY-22081 Regression: Major allocation issue in R11.2.4 when using the placement manager that causes unexpected DB growth Placement Manager
OBJY-21897 Cannot enlarge container because it already has the maximum of 1020 extents Placement Manager
Tuesday, January 20, 2015