Issues Fixed in InfiniteGraph 2021.3

Issue Type Issue Key Summary Component/s
Improvement OBJY-27569 objy installfd should remove inaccessible storage locations Tools
New Feature OBJY-27668 Add storage location validation to the ListStorage tool Tools
Bug OBJY-27677 Ingest Data fails with an error: Unexpected null class for the destination value DO
Bug OBJY-27674 Installing a non-placement fd throws an error when it tries to remove storage locations Tools
Bug STUD-179 Clicking on pagination controls shows the previously loaded page until the requested page data is completely loaded Studio - Storage
Task STUD-168 Remove delay time between Invoke FdInfo and Invoke DatabaseInfos on hitting the refresh button Studio - Storage
Bug STUD-82 Connecting to a boot file with trailing space character fails Studio - Server
Bug STUD-175 Table view shows No Results Found while loading Studio - DO
Bug STUD-172 Performing an update operation by adding to collection element's attribute's list is giving a bizzare output Studio - DO
Bug STUD-171 Queries involving collection attributes are making Studio to not respond Studio - DO
Bug STUD-148 Query stats are not showing any statistics Studio - DO
Improvement STUD-181 Hovering over a node should have a tooltip pop up to show the nodes data Studio - DO
Improvement STUD-176 Attribute inverses if any should be displayed in the Schema Studio - DO
Improvement STUD-21 Start and end node highlighted color changes to default when selected Studio - DO
Bug STUD-173 Studio leaves journal file behind even when fd is disconnected and removed Studio - Client
Improvement STUD-182 The Studio version should be displayed somewhere on the page Studio - Client
Improvement STUD-180 Redesign the Connect page Studio - Client
Improvement STUD-153 Database Directory Path should be optional in create fd Studio - Client
Improvement STUD-133 Change the message indicator to only display a red circle when an error occurs Studio - Client
Improvement STUD-97 Refreshing browser forgets connections Studio - Client
Improvement STUD-45 Studio should disconnect the FD when the server is disconnected Studio - Client
Improvement OBJY-27623 Need a way to disconnect from an FD within the same process SessionManager
Bug OBJY-26997 Drop index with obsolete flag is not removing the obsolete indexes Placement Tools
Improvement OBJY-24754 performance improvement for Data library handle management Persistent Data Store
New Feature OBJY-27648 Enhance IMPORT CSV to directly import using a class' schema Operators
Improvement OBJY-27180 oocheckams and oocheckls could provide better reporting for network errors oocheckls
Bug OBJY-27641 SessionLogging attempts to load JNI library Java - ULB 
Bug OBJY-27502 Show tool displays an output for invalid tool in DO Runner DO Runner
Improvement OBJY-27609 Add show support for SystemValues in DO Runner. DO Runner
Improvement OBJY-27607 Add show support for listing available collections in DO Runner. DO Runner
Improvement OBJY-27606 Add show support for Operators in DO Runner. DO Runner
Improvement OBJY-27537 Passing String instead of List of Strings for parameters that accept a List throws a non-intuitive error message DO Runner
Bug OBJY-27672 DO is crashing when creating an object with a reference to an object of incorrect class DO
Bug OBJY-27651 CSV ingest fails with a more complex input DO
Bug OBJY-27640 CSV ingest - if the last field is empty ingest fails DO
Bug OBJY-27637 empty values in csv file when imported to the database is getting set to empty instead of null DO
Bug OBJY-27635 Unable to create an object with default attributes DO
Bug OBJY-27628 sequence of DO statements leads to bad handle passed to do_upgrade" DO
Bug OBJY-27620 DO schema ingest fails if class name is Category DO
Bug OBJY-27617 When DO CSV ingest fails with an invalid character it would be good to know what record and more details about the failure DO
Bug OBJY-27581 Output of weighted queries on Linux doesn't display the weight. DO
Bug OBJY-27544 Applying a new placement with a specific placer for a class makes existing objects inaccessible in DO DO
Improvement OBJY-27630 DO outputformat table spacing can be improved DO
Improvement OBJY-27583 Dont display identifier by default in return results DO
Improvement OBJY-26345 Add support for UTF encoded CSV files DO
Task OBJY-27670  MINUS operator when used to return the amount of time (expressed as an interval) throws an error - Null operand DO
Task OBJY-27604 Implement DO tool execution to a predefined subset of tools DO
Task BQI-593 Add Visual Studio 2019 platf>orm to C++ distribution build Build
Improvement IG-1405 Build a zip distribution for Windows Build