These instructions explain how to install Objectivity/DB and other optional components.

  1. Log in with administrative permissions.
  2. Double click on the single-file installer, Objectivity.version.platform.exe, to start it.
  3. In the Setup dialog, choose Typical or Full installation, and either accept the default installation directory (installDir) or select a different one.
    The suggested default is C:\Program Files\Objectivity\version.
  4. In the Installation Options dialog:
    • (Optional) Select a license file to use. The license file will be copied into installDir.
      Alternatively, you can manually install a license file later.
    • Decide whether the installer should modify system environment variables and add shortcuts.
  5. If prompted, choose the individual components you want to install.
    Objectivity/DB is a prerequisite for using any other Objectivity products.
  6. When done, exit the installer.
  7. Perform general and platform-specific product configuration.

Installation Results

A default Full or Typical installation with administrative privileges sets any needed environment variables. In addition, the Objectivity/DB lock server, which controls database access by granting locks, is installed as a Windows service and started. The lock server must be running in order to use Objectivity/DB. Other Objectivity/DB servers that are not necessarily required for running Objectivity/DB can be configured when needed; see Checking and Setting Up Servers.

Installation Output Files

On completion, the installer produces a log file that lists any warning messages and provides information about what was installed. This log is placed in the top-level installation directory:


As a convenience, the installer also creates a setup script that contains commands for temporarily setting environment variables in a shell window:



See Uninstalling.