Declarative Objectivity (DO) Language : Schema Statements : SHOW CLASS Statement
SHOW CLASS Statement
A SHOW CLASS statement displays the schema description of a class.
showClassStatement : SHOW CLASS className | referenceLiteral; 
Quick Look 
Show the class description for the class with the specified name:
SHOW CLASS RentalContract;
Show the class description for the object with the specified OID:
SHOW CLASS 3-3-1-41;
See also 
A SHOW CLASS statement returns the description of a class defined in the federated database’s schema. (To return descriptions of all schema classes, use the SHOW SCHEMA statement.)
You can indicate the class of interest either by specifying its class name or by specifying a reference literal (OID) for an object of the class.
The description includes the namespace-qualified class name, its superclass (if any), and a list of attribute structures with the name and type information for each attribute in the class. For example:
SHOW CLASS RentalContract;
CLASS FleetData.RentalContract
  customer: Reference { Referenced: FleetData.Customer, Inverse: rentals },
  vehicle: Reference { Referenced: FleetData.Vehicle, Inverse: pastRentals },
  trackingNumber: Integer { Encoding: Signed, Storage: B16 },
  events: List { Element: Reference { Referenced: FleetData.RentalEvent }, Storage: Variable }
Note:You can copy one or more attribute structures from the SHOW CLASS output, and use them as part of the input to a CREATE CLASS Clause.