Objectivity REST : Federated Database Resources : GET /v1/fd
GET /v1/fd
GET /v1/fd
Retrieves the path to the boot file for the current federated database.
Response Format
URL Parameters 
Provides the alias of a federated database that is included in the REST server’s configuration file; see Configuring the REST Server in Objectivity/DB Administration.
The path to the boot file is provided using the format (full path or relative path) that was used when the server was started; see Starting the REST Server.
See Chapter 3, “Federated Database Tasks,” in Objectivity/DB Administration for general information about federated databases.
Curl Example 
curl -X GET -H "Accept:application/json" localhost:8185/v1/fd
The following shows a sample response for the rental fleet example.
Status: 200 OK
  "bootfile": "rentalFleet.boot"
See also 
GET /v1/schema to retrieve the schema for a federated database.