Objectivity/DB Administration : Tool Summary
Tool Summary
You use Objectivity/DB administration tools for performing various kinds of administration tasks. The following table provides an overview of these tasks and the corresponding tools.
Managing Federated Databases
Creates a federated database.
Displays or changes the properties of a federated database.
Deletes a database and its file from a federated database.
Deletes an entire federated database.
Lists all the files in a federated database.
Installs a remote federated database.
Displays or updates the license in a federated database.
Managing Objectivity Servers
Checks whether AMS is running on a system.
Checks whether a lock server is running on a system.
Checks whether the Objectivity REST server is running on the current host.
Lists all processes and locks currently managed by a lock server.
Starts AMS.
Terminates AMS.
Starts a lock-server process for a federated database.
Terminates a lock server.
Starts the Objectivity REST server for the given federated database on the current host.
Stops the Objectivity REST server on the current host.
Updating a Placement Model
Transfers placement model information between a placement-managed federated database and an XML document.
Managing Storage Locations
Manages the registration of host and path combinations for storing the data files of a placement-managed federated database.
Pre-populates a federated database with empty containers and database files that can be filled with data later.
Managing Indexes
Manages indexes over persistent objects in a placement-managed federated database.
Exporting and Importing Between Federated Databases
Creates an XML document representing the schema of a federated database
Imports schema from an XML file into a federated database.
Getting Information
Displays or changes the properties of a federated database.
Lists waiting transactions.
Lists all the files in a federated database.
Displays information about a database or federated database.
Backup and Restore
Backs up a federated database.
Creates a backup set for a federated database.
Deletes a backup set.
Queries a federated database for existing backup sets.
Restores a federated database.
Maintenance and Recovery
Checks the consistency of a federated database.
Available from Objectivity Developer Network.
Rolls back transactions that have terminated abnormally.
Executes the set of tool runner commands in the given text file.