Declarative Objectivity (DO) Language : Data Statements : SHOW PARAMETERS Statement
A SHOW PARAMETERS statement displays the names and types of all currently defined named values, or parameters.
showParametersStatement : SHOW PARAMETERS; 
Quick Look 
Obtain a list of currently defined parameters:
   'CUSTS' 'List<Object>',
   'NM' 'Variable ByteString'
   'TEST' 'Boolean',
   'TS' 'DateTime'
See also 
SHOW Statement, LET Statement
A SHOW PARAMETERS statement returns a list of the parameters that you have defined in previous LET statements.
Parameters are listed by name in alphabetical order, regardless of the order in which they were defined. The names are uppercased, regardless of the casing with which they were defined. A parameter’s type is determined by its current value, so running SHOW PARAMETERS at different times may show different types for some parameters.
A parameter persists only for the duration of the process in which it was defined. A typical process is an executing DO runner. Consequently, SHOW PARAMETERS only lists the parameters that have been defined during the current process.
You can use a SHOW statement to see the current value of a particular parameter.