Declarative Objectivity (DO) Language : Data Clauses : SKIP WHILE Clause
A SKIP WHILE clause modifies a RETURN Statement so that it skips objects from the result set while a specified condition is true.
skipWhileClause : SKIP WHILE expression;
Used In 
RETURN Statement
Quick Look 
Return customers ordered by last name, omitting those whose last names begin with “A”:
FROM Customers ORDER BY lastName SKIP WHILE lastName =~~ '^A.*' RETURN * ;
A SKIP WHILE clause causes a RETURN statement to omit the first group of items that satisfy a specified condition.
You can use SKIP WHILE together with the TAKE WHILE Clause in successive executions of a query to partition the result set according to a series of tests. The first time you execute the query, you typically use TAKE WHILE by itself to return the first “partition” (results that meet the first test). In the second execution, you add SKIP WHILE to omit the “partition” you’ve already returned, and use TAKE WHILE to obtain the “partition” that meets the second test. In the third execution, you adjust the argument of SKIP WHILE to omit the first two “partitions”, and adjust TAKE WHILE to obtain the “partition” that meets the third test, and so on.
Note:You typically include an ORDER BY Clause so that results can be partitioned effectively.
See also SKIP Clause, TAKE Clause, TAKE WHILE Clause.