Objectivity REST : Indexing Resources : GET /v1/index/{name}
GET /v1/index/{name}
GET /v1/index/{name}
Retrieves a representation of the named index.
Response Format
URL Parameters 
Provides the alias of a federated database that is included in the REST server’s configuration file; see Configuring the REST Server in Objectivity/DB Administration.
Curl Example 
The following example retrieves the representation for the index named myCustomerIndex:
curl -H "Accept:application/json" localhost:8185/v1/index/specification/myCustomerIndex
The response provides information about the index. For example, the following shows the representation of an index named myCustomerIndex that has two key fields, rewardPoints and firstName.
Status: 200 OK
  "name": "myCustomerIndex",
  "indexedClass": "FleetData.Customer",
  "isUnique": "false",
  "obsolete": "false",
        "attributeName": "rewardPoints"
        "attributeName": "firstName",
            "maxStoredStringLength": "34"
See also 
GET /v1/index to get all indexes
POST /v1/index to create an index
DELETE /v1/index/{name} to delete the named index