Objectivity REST : Schema Resources : GET /v1/schema/{class}
GET /v1/schema/{class}
GET /v1/schema/{class}
Retrieves the schema representation for a class identified by class name or class number.
Response Format
URL Parameters 
Provides the alias of a federated database that is included in the REST server’s configuration file; see Configuring the REST Server in Objectivity/DB Administration.
The provided type can be a fully qualified class name or a class number. For example, the following are equivalent URIs for the schema of a Customer class whose class number is 1000000.
Curl Example 
curl -H "Accept:application/json" localhost:8185/v1/schema/FleetData.Customer
The returned representation shows the schema of the given class, starting with the class name and the class number. Some of the fields are for informational purposes and are not applicable when posting schema; see Using Retrieved Schema Representations.
Status: 200 OK
  "className": "FleetData.Customer",
  "classNumber": "1000000",
  "shapeNumber": "1000025",
  "isReferenceable": true,
  "isInternal": false,
  "isDeleted": false,
  "superClass": null,
  "attributes": [
      "attributeName": "rewardPoints",
      "logicalType": "integer",
      "encoding": "unsigned",
      "storage": "b32"
      "attributeName": "firstName",
      "logicalType": "string",
      "encoding": "utf8",
      "storage": "variable"
See also 
GET /v1/schema to get the complete schema for a federated database
PUT /v1/schema/{class}to modify an existing class