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SHOW Statement
A SHOW statement displays the result of evaluating an expression.
showStatement : SHOW expression; 
Quick Look 
Check the result of a complex expression:
SHOW SUBSTRING(UPPER('anderson'), 0, 5)+'456';
Get the result of an arithmetic operation:
SHOW 9*9;
Check the current value of a system value:
Check the current value of a parameter defined by a previous LET statement:
LET zip = '95128';
SHOW $zip;
Show the class and attribute values of the object with the specified object identifier (OID):
SHOW OBJECT(3-3-1-41);
See also 
A SHOW statement returns the result of evaluating the specified expression.
A SHOW statement is particularly useful for:
Checking the result of an operator expression before you use it in another statement, to verify that the expression produces the intended result.
Getting the current result of an expression whose value is changeable, such as a system value that returns the current date or time, or a parameter that you have defined and redefined through previous LET statements.
Obtaining the details about an object from its object identifer (OID), when that OID is used with the OBJECT operator.
Note:You cannot specify an attribute expression because a SHOW statement has no query source and therefore no current context object for evaluating an attribute name.