Objectivity REST : Object Resources : GET /v1/object/{oid}
GET /v1/object/{oid}
GET /v1/object/{oid}
Retrieves a representation of the object with the given OID.
Response Format
URL Parameters 
Provides the alias of a federated database that is included in the REST server’s configuration file; see Configuring the REST Server in Objectivity/DB Administration.
Curl Example 
curl -X GET -H "Accept:application/json" localhost:8185/v1/object/3-3-1-9
The response includes the class name for the object as well as the OID and any attribute values.
The following shows a sample representation of a Vehicle object that was added in the POST /v1/object example. Note that the license attribute is set to XLT5663, but other attributes whose values were not specified are set to null OIDs, false (for Booleans), or empty lists.
Status: 200 OK
  "__class__": "FleetData.Vehicle",
  "__identifier__": "3-3-1-9",
  "available": false,
  "retired": false,
  "license": "XLT5663",
  "servRecs": [],
  "currentRental": "3-3-1-8",
  "pastRentals": [],
  "model": "0-0-0-0",
  "atStall": "0-0-0-0"
See also 
PUT /v1/object/{oid} to modify an existing object
DELETE /v1/object/{oid} to delete an existing object
POST /v1/object  to create an object