Objectivity REST : Administrative Tool Resources : GET /v1/tool
GET /v1/tool
GET /v1/tool
Provides a list of available administrative tools with descriptions.
Response Format
The listing provides an overview of available tools.
To get more detailed information including information about options, you can access help on the command line using the tool runner, as follows.
To obtain a list of tools and their options:
At a command prompt, enter:
To obtain a list of options for a particular tool:
At a command prompt, enter:
objy toolName -help 
Curl Example 
curl -X GET -H "Accept:application/json" localhost:8185/v1/tool
See also 
Tools for Administration Tasks in Objectivity/DB Administration provides detailed descriptions of tools and their options. (This book documents administrative tools run on the command line and not via the REST interface, but descriptions for the tools and options are the same.)